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We are a team of Marketing, Video, and Photography professionals, that create eye- catching content for impactful Namibian Brands such as your own!

As social media begins to grow here in Namibia, we are the first agency that specifies wholeheartedly in creating engaging and authentic content for your brand image! Today, relevant content is king, not the awkward placement of dozens of keywords. Traffic is useless if that traffic isn’t engaging, this is why we focus on creating and distributing relevant content that engages prospects who are the most qualified leads.

We create your brand’s long-term content marketing schedule – Zina plans out how to market and optimise high-quality content long- term that will provide you with the content you need to gain customer attention, maintain interest, and expand to reach new prospects.

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How We Create Content

You send us your products.

We will style and shoot the products in a way that fits Zina’s style.

The best images will be shared to you.

We will share the photos on our Instagram page.

Our Clients

“The Zina Team is fun and professional to work with. They do their best to create unique content that captures the true image of a business brand. Their platform is creative and it’s designed through the eyes of a photographer to bring your business brand to life and give you more media exposure.”

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